The Hardware Onion Router.

THOR is a hardware version of the Tor (The Onion Router) bundle, which provides you with anonymity and privacy you need to bypass any ISP restrictions and enhance your privacy online. This project can turn compatible routers into THOR. You can then connect any other device to TOR network allowing your smart phones and streaming stick to be tunneled privately through TOR.


Why use a hardware TOR router instead?

We agree, using software Tor Bundle is much more convenient for the security aware user. However we argue that Tor bundle cannot be installed on every device you own. For example the streaming stick or one of these 'smart' devices cannot have Tor on them. Hence we created THOR | Tor Hardware Onion Router.

Anon, Founder

You Do it Yourself


  • You get:
  • Source code
  • Flasher software
  • Donation based
  • No support

We Do it Together


  • You get:
  • Pre-tested, compatible router
  • The code to flash it yourself
  • Shipped freely
  • E-Mail Support
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We Do it for You


  • You get:
  • Pre-flashed router
  • True Plug-&-Play experience
  • Shipped freely
  • Priority Support
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Based on solid hardware

Our router is based on TP-Link C50 routers. This means you get wired Ethernet and wireless 1200Mbps options. Tor is of course much slower than these speeds, but just in case you want to use your router for other purposes.

  • 2x Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi for all your devices.
  • 4x Ethernet ports to connect to.
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Plug & Play setup

Our Tor Hardware Router doesn't need any further steps or any special apps to be installed. You simply plug it with your Internet provider modem and connect to the new Tor Wi-Fi just like any other Wi-Fi. The difference is the new Wi-Fi will have anything connected to it going through Tor network.

  • Simple plug and play setup.
  • Familiar no new apps, just a connection to a new Wi-Fi
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We know Tor users are security aware individuals. Hence we auto update Tor to the latest Tor client on router level after each release automatically.

Open Source

The router firmware is open source based on OpenWrt. We have nothing to hide from our users. The user can check the source code and inspect the router's hardware too.

Plug & Play

No setup required. Just plug next to your ISP modem and wait for the new Tor Wi-Fi to pop up.

Powerful Router

Router is based on TP-Link C50 hardware dual band Wi-Fi and Ethernet links.

No hidden fees

You pay for the router and own it for life. No extra or hidden fees involved.

Support EFF & Tor

We donate portion of our sales to the EFF and Tor foundation to support them keeping our privacy safe.

1000 of contributors

OpenWrt is baked by many contributors. It's known to be a secure open source firmware for many routers.

Naturally we also keep our routers up to date with the latest Tor releases and flash them into the router.


Reasons to use

  • 1. Prevent Leaks (no Tor = No Internet)
  • 2. Connect unsupported devices.
  • 3. Protect all devices at once
  • 4. Access .onion websites on phone

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We're happy to support you what what you need. If you are still unsure, talk to us. Even with your newbies questions. We're strong privacy enthusiasts too.

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